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  1. Oh ok that's nice, i'll try your solution although i believe DSM is going to format the disks again when the volume is created even though they are btrfs but this is fast and easy to do so i will let you know if it works. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! At this moment i'm facing a lot of issues regarding speed and access data on my Xpenology server, already tested Unraid on the same hardware and it works fine, i'm just trying to figure out the best way to move data from the old DSM server to Unraid. On DSM i have a single volume SHR ext4 made out of 2x 4tb. and 1x 2tb. drives, i also have 3x 3tb. unused drives which i plan to be the ones use for unraid setup. - Since i'm going to use the same hardware on the new setup anyone knows if there is a way to copy data from the DSM volume drives to the unraid array by just plug in all drives together? - Another workaround could be setting up the Unraid server with the unused drives, move the DSM drives to my main computer and boot from the DSM loader and copy all data to the Unraid server. Any other suggestions will be appreciated Thanks and keep safe!
  3. Amazing!!! Thanks a lot Mex!!
  4. Hi ! excellent work 🙂 any chance to make one for the old CM 690 II advance and Phanteks P400 Thanks and keep the good work !!