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    Unraid 6.9.2
    Intel i7-7700k
    MSI z270 Gaming M5 mobo
    32GB. DDR4 2400
    1x Intel 600p 256GB. NVME pass through 
    3x WD Red 3TB. 1x WD Red 4TB. 2x HGST 4TB.
    500GB. Samsung 850 Evo SATA
    240GB Transcend SSD220
    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC

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  1. I've tried to boot from all the other USB ports on my mobo but when unraid started it was getting a 165.x.x.x ip, booting to the GUI showed browser but it was unable to load localhost. Plugged the flash on the same USB port that it was before and it started mostly normal, dockers and VMs running and all drives present but showing warning: USB drive is not read-write and running parity check. After some search on the forums and thinking that could be an USB flash dying issue I decided to restore the MyServers backup from this morning, started Unraid with the new USB flash, reset users pwd and activated key, now the server seams to be running normal, like nothing happened at all.
  2. To me sounds like you can create a VM that contains dual boot for Win and Linux this way when you start the VM GRUB will show up and select which OS you want to start, another option is create two VMs in Unraid one for each OS then according to your needs passthrough your graphics card to one of the OS and configure the second VM to use VNC, this way when you are working on the VM with the graphics card if you need the other VM you just have to open Unraid webui and start the VNC VM. PD: if you take option one you can also have and access Unraid's VMs configured with VNC
  3. Hi, have you tried all the ports on your graphics card?, i had issues passing my graphics card too, an GTX 970, and what i did was download the vBios corresponding to my exact model, stored in unraid and add it to the VM config, make sure to wait a few minutes when you start the VM mine takes about 2 to 3 mins to show up on my screens.
  4. It is on a USB 3.1 Gen2 port, the 2.0 ports are passthrough my win VM. Just to be sure, i'll shutdown the VM and edit it to disable USB 2.0 passthrough then shutdown the server, plug unraid flash drive in USB 2.0 and power on the server, after unraid starts if everything went back to normal then i'll edit the VM and passthrough the USB 3.1 controller plug all the peripherals to it and finally start the VM again
  5. Docker settings shows this error: VM Manager Dockers and VM folders plus Appdata are stored in the missing cache pool.
  6. Al final las de Aliexpress con impuestos me salian mas caras y compré una en italia un pelin mas barata que la holandesa, me queda pillar los cables en amazon y esperar que llegue la controladora. Ya os contaré cuando la monte en el server. Gracias a todos!
  7. Hi ppl! My server was up for about 45 min running a few dockers and one Win10 baremetal VM, did a CA plugin update and nothing else, switched to the VM tab and after more than usual time to load it returned and error, reset the whole UI and now my cache pool is gone, the VM still runs (i'm writing from it) and both Dockers and VM tabs are gone i assume because the systems is missing the cache pool. I can't sign in and there is a No Flash message in the upper right corner Unraid flash drive is present Diagnostics attached I don't know if i have to stop the array and or restart the server, not sure if the cache NVME failed it is a brand new one with just 2 weeks of light use.
  8. @JesterEE SSD arrays are far from the average Joe and myself at least for a few years and old rusty spinners are going to last probably a decade more, 2.0 is more than enough for our HDDs. I'll take a look to my mobo's manual and check the PCIe lanes although the majority of them are free besides the ones in use by the graphics card and onboard storage. Thx!
  9. @yosolo ya tuve mi experiencia con aduanas hace unos años y pienso como tu, es probablemente lo que haga. Gracias!
  10. @xXx la 9207 por 35 es tirada, por lo que vi todas las PCIe 3.0 en ebay estan costando 140 o más y las había descartado porque en mi caso no voy a notar diferencia entre PCIe 2.0 y 3.0, claro que pensando en futuro sería mejor la 3.0 pero ahora mismo salen por más del doble que una 2.0. En aliexpress las 9211 con cable estan igual que en ebay y por la fotos hasta parecen los mismos vendedores , no se yo, igual me lo tomo con calma e intento pescar una 3.0. Si, el tema de calor lo tengo en cuenta, mi server esta en una torre de PC no es de rack y está bien ventilado pero se que es recomendable ponerles un ventilador directo a estas controladoras.
  11. En ebay tengo dos opciones: Una H200 en holanda por 69€ + 16€ de envio Y varias en China, por ejemplo esta Fujitsu 9211-8i que ya viene con los cables por 66€ + envio gratis lo único que no se como está el tema de impuestos y todo eso al comprar en China.
  12. Hola gente, llegó el momento de pillar una controladora para mi server, queria saber si alguien tiene algun sitio recomendable para comprarla, en las webs y apps de segunda mano como la que empieza por W no consigo lo que busco, en ebay hay alguna en holanda o francia y muchas en china, estas últimas no se como será tema de impuestos aranceles de importación y esas cosas. Acepto recomendaciones o incluso la posibilidad de que alguien tenga una sobrante y quiera venderla
  13. Hi @JorgeB yep i read your tests post and by the way congrats that must be a lot of time and work but i asked because it wasn't that clear for me if there is a real difference, to my understanding in most of the scenarios you described speeds are almost the same and looks like besides future proof and SSD usage PCIe 2.0 cards are a good choice.
  14. Hi ppl! It is time to get a SAS controller for my server, will be used only to plug the arrary HDDs (6 drives), no SSDs or NVMEs, PCIe 2.0 ones are cheaper than PCIe 3.0 and would like to know if there is a real advantage regarding read/write speeds if I go for 3.0?.