6.9.0 RC1 Update Blacklisted USB Key after update


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UnRAID Server requested an update to 6.9.0 RC1 via it's banner.

After the reboot, the array will not start because it says it is unlicensed.  Provides the following message:



Blacklisted USB Flash GUID

This USB Flash boot device has been blacklisted. This can occur as a result of transfering your Registration key to a replacement USB Flash device, and you are currently booted from your old USB Flash device.

A USB Flash device may also be blacklisted if there is no serial number, or if we discover the serial number is not unique (this is common with USB card readers).


The following excerpt from the log file seems relevant.


Dec 19 08:49:04 s03 emhttpd: cmdStart: no registration key


There isn't an obvious retrieve key function within the UnRAID web site, so this post accompanies a support request email.

Will post any fixes found here as this is presumably a known or reoccurring problem for others.


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Did anyone else use that flash drive for Unraid? If so they may have transferred the license to another. Other than that the message you quoted explains why your flash GUID is blacklisted. 


The blacklist is updated with a new release so apparently the previous version had not blacklisted your GUID.

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hi there,

so I have the same issue now that I've upgraded to 6.9.0 release just moments ago.

I use the same flash drive since 2 or more years for my server and have not given it to someone else..


in parallel to this post I've used the "contact the unraid team"

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ok i think i found my issue but, have no explanation


at some point i might have ordered a replacement of this stick to another one, which i never used (!)

the problem now is, that i don't even have the other stick any more..


is there any way to get the flash drive un-blacklisted?

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You cannot get a USB stick un-blacklisted.   If what you describe is accurate then the update would use the latest blacklist which explains your issue as transferring the licence to a new drive blacklists the old one.   What happened to the USB drive you think you transferred the licence to?   Do you have a copy of the licence .key file that went with that drive? 



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i found the key download link in my mail, so i can retrieve that key, but cannot find the flash drive..

Spencer from Unraid also answered to my mail stating that i may have to use a completely new drive instead.


so here we go, thank you my dumb brain

as these sandisk ultra mini drives get fairly hot i think i might get a bigger one with metal-body this time - any suggestions?


thank you for your support ;)

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A usb stick I have used successfully is the Kingston Data Traveller SE9.   I think the larger size and metallic body help it run cooler and thus are better for use 24x7.    Note that USB2 drives seem to be the most reliable for use with unRaid and since the USB drive has very little access after initial load of unRaid into RAM at boot time the extra performance of USB3+ is not needed.

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