Is it possible to disable Code formatting?

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If I add a code in a forums post, the complete process is slow and the default formatting is HTML. I don't really see the benefit of this "fancy" code colors. I think a faster forum usage is more important. Maybe others think the same and this feature can be disabled?!


And I like to have the quote and code button in the mobile view of the forums. Both are missing:


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6 minutes ago, mgutt said:

I think links should be in the color like the unraid logo.

Agree 100%. I feel that links should look different by default, to draw attention to the fact it's a link. Just underlining isn't enough. I like the idea of defaulting them to Unraid orange, if someone feels strongly about it they can always customize like you can currently. Link

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19 minutes ago, mgutt said:

Looks good to me. Is the preview button really needed? I mean, it's a WYIWYG Editor. It shows the same?!


I think underline is a problem, as it looks like a link. I think links should be in the color like the unraid logo.

I’ll make a note to move/remove preview and check out the link color settings after dinner 👍

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