unRAID doing reach check after swapping drive

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This morning I swapped out an 8TB drive for a 14TB drive. I did it the usual way.


  1. Stopped the array.
  2. Removed the 8TB drive from the list of drives in unraid.
  3. Started the array with no drive in its slot in unraid.
  4. Stopped the array, physically removed the disk
  5. Added the new 14TB drive
  6. Selected it from the available drives and added it to the slot where the 8TB drive had been.
  7. Started the arrray

Now the 14TB drive is showing as disabled and for some reason unRAID is doing a read check?

The 14TB drive is a brand new recently shucked drive that had passed 1 pass in pre clear.

I have attached my diagnostics, any idea why it would be doing a reach check?
Does it have to finish the read check before it does the parity rebuild?

At this point its going to take almost three days to completed the reach check then almost as long if it then still has to do the party rebuild.


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7 hours ago, Herbiewalker said:

You don't need to adjust your parity drives or redo the New Config tool since you bumped up to the 14TB?

From the Diags, parity is already a 14TB drive.

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16 hours ago, ashman70 said:

Now the 14TB drive is showing as disabled and for some reason unRAID is doing a read check?

A drive being disabled means a write to it has failed.   A read check will happen if a parity check is started with only 1 parity drive and a drive disabled.


the diagnostics do not seem to contain SMART information for the drive (what was irs diskX designation as you have a lot of drives) which suggests it has dropped offline as I only see the parity disk being listed as 14TB in the syllog.

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So in this case, do I just let it finish the read-check and then will it automatically begin a party check if the drive passes the read-check? Or will I have to bring it back online? Can I cancel the read-check, stop and restart the array, hopefully brining the drive back online and starting a parity check?

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Until the drive is online it cannot be written to.    You may have to power cycle the server to get it back online.   The problem might be to identify why the drive was disabled in the first place as if that is not rectified it is just likely to happen again.

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