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  1. Do you have an option on your router to flush the DNS cache? If not then you might need a restart on the router to reset the old DNS settings so it picks up the new static IP. It looks like you are pinging your server name from a windows box which could also have a old DNS cache which you can reset with the command 'ipconfig /flushdns' and reset with 'ipconfig /registerdns' this should clear out any old DNS settings on the windows box and pull fresh DNS from the DNS server (router). If the problem still persists after those tips then I would go with a setting needs configured or turned off in the router to get DNS working. Another option is to skip using your router as the DNS in the server settings and point straight to a different DNS like cloudflare, google, or quad 9. I have also seen some setups point to a PieHole for DNS....
  2. There might be a docker for it, I assume you have check the community apps to see what's out there? I am not sure about the Unraid OS itself having that capability though.
  3. What is he static IP on your server? What is the subnet/gateway from your router for your network to make sure everything is talking correctly? Also I think DNS rebranding is an option in your router you need to turn off to be able to setup the SSL certs.
  4. I am glad WD did help out. I since I had bought the drive for about $13.5 a TB I dont want to pay current prices if I can help it. I do plan to keep all the drive cases from now on tho....
  5. I have just one UPS running right now. The other one needs new batteries, just another project for the list of things to complete
  6. Well looks like I might have to get on that level! I know every time a thunderstorm would blow through and threaten the electricity, the pucker factor was real.
  7. So, it all started one day at the end of May when I noticed that my 14 TB parity drive was no longer part of the array…... Of course, I immediately freak out and start clicking like mad to make sure everything else is working and I haven’t lost any data, which thankfully it seemed everything was ok, and it was just the parity drive. I pull the drive and check the tape on the pins to make sure it still covering the pins and I even re-tape it to make sure there isn’t an issue with that. Still nothing! Well, I pull the drive out of the server again and connect it back up to a USB connector and power it up that way. When plugged into my windows laptop it doesn’t pop up at all as a USB device. I used the Disk Manager, Diskpart, and finally moved it over to a Linux box to see if I could get anything off that system. Needless to say, nothing I tried had any effect or was able to read the drive. To this day I am still not sure what is the matter with that drive but if anyone is interested, I attached some diagnostics to this post that are a before after kind of thing. So on to the next idea! The drive was only about 8 months old so I guess RMA was the next thing to try especially since a new 14TB drive costs more than my whole build now…... Ahh the RMA process is so special *insert sarcasm*. I go to the WD site and start the process and right off the bat I get a sour taste about how this process is going to happen. I ended up selecting shipping through WD and inputting my info to buy the shipping label. I get the confirmation and wait for the email. One day, two days, and on the third day I log back in to see what’s going on with my RMA. Its still processing but says there is an issue with getting the label. Ok, no biggy; I start the label process over and use a different payment method. Same thing happens I check the statements and of course I see pending payment for both labels on the different cards. At this point it’s time to open up a in person chat/email with WD and figure this out. Spent two days in an email chain with them only to come to the conclusion that I can’t get a shipping label from their site. I get the correct information to ship them the drive via the last email from the RMA ticket I opened and head to the post office to send it. Ewwuhfff, finally the hard part is over! or so I think at the time. I track the package a few days later to make sure it arrives and see that is has been delivered to the WD RMA address, Ahh success! But alas an email arrives in my inbox the next day saying “Per our warranty policy: “If upon inspection of your returned Product WD suspects fraud or deems such Product to be counterfeit, WD may, in its sole discretion, confiscate such Product or take such other actions as it deems necessary.”” This was not a response I was expecting. The drive was registered to my WD account and had been there for the 8 months since I bought it. Also, I am not sure how to counterfeit a drive, but I guess it’s a scam that goes around and could even be a big deal now that Chia is driving up prices on hard drives and reducing inventory. Well, I waited a few hours before replying so I wouldn’t say anything harsh because they are just doing their job. I ended up replying with screenshots of my RMA account and registration to reiterate the drive was mine and to ask if they had run any diagnostics on the drive to determine what the issue could be. The next email I received was “Upon inspection of your returned (DRIVE-SN XXX) product, it was determined the product was altered. The drive returned is an internal bare drive only. The model returned is not a user-serviceable unit and not intended to opened. WD's limited warranty provides that, subject to the following limitations, each Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will conform to WD's specification for the particular Product.https://support.wdc.com/warranty/warrantypolicy.aspx?lang=en As a one-time accommodation, as well with an acceptable Proof of Purchase (POP); a replacement will be shipped to you.” So while WD RMA gave me a hard time at first they did end up replacing the drive for me, as a one time accommodation…. Well, this process took month and for that time I only had one of two parity disks in my array. It left me pretty nervous this whole time but my data made it through. The parity-Sync/Data-Rebuild is in process and will be completed in about 17 hours. Now I wonder if need to just have an extra drive on hand at all times, but I would need to wait for the prices to drop/even out before I get a drive that sits on the shelf????? What do yall think about this RMA experience and what are your stories about RMA if you have used it. Also do you keep a spare drive sitting around or just wait till a drive goes out for replacement? tworivers-diagnostics-20210528-While Bad HHD is in the server.zip tworivers-diagnostics-20210528-While Bad HHD is plugged in as USB.zip
  8. It is using SATA and Tape. It appears to be on, it ran in that configuration and worked fine for 6 months. Just a normal server reboot is when this became noticeable.
  9. So I did a reboot of my Unraid server today in prep for the upgrade to 6.9.X When my server booted back up my second parity disk was missing from the array (See Picture). I checked the cables and swapped the other parity disk into that slot to make sure it would still work and that one had no problems when I moved it. So the cables and LSI controller are good. I pulled the HHD out of my server and connected it to a easystore USB board and the drive is now seen in unraid but as a 3 TB drive (See Picture. I dont know what happened and could use some help. I thought the drive was just bad (its only 6 months old so I can RMA) but since it was readable via USB I am unsure again. My Attached diagnostics are while the HHD is in the server and while attached as a USB. Im not sure if that makes a difference...... Is there any other info that might be needed? tworivers-diagnostics-20210528-While HHD is plugged in as USB.zip tworivers-diagnostics-20210528-While HHD is in the server.zip
  10. Your TV folder, I assume, is linked to a docker (like Plex, Emby) to play the files. So even if the VM you use to watch is off the docker might still be reading some files from the folder..... my 2 cents
  11. I am looking at this same setup with a 10G NIC in a PCI slot, and the MotherBoard 1G NICs. Haven't been successful in getting all the traffic to prioritize the 10G connection.... Hopefully someone has the answer!
  12. How about this for a gag bit every few podcasts... like once a month/quarter for a topic. "Well it would have worked if...." The most spectacular fails in unraid; if it burned down we want to know.
  13. Id love to hear about some of the lesser known things you can do with unraid that aren't all over the forums/discord. Maybe a segment on how to outrageously push the limits of unraid and the hardware running it.
  14. I think it will recognize the network you picked and use the DNS associated with that network bridge, kinda like the VMs??? It knows that is the gateway of last resort and send all traffic out that port? Or let it get picked up via the DHCP and see if that will prompt DNS resolution.