disk incompatibility?

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I'm having some problems with unraid, I've got a couple Ironwolf 8To and after each check, it disables 1 or 2 of them saying their is a problem.

but the disk is fine when tested in another computer. I have changed some of the disk (with new ones and in a different rack) but at the next check, same problem.

is their some sort of problem between seagate and unraid?

if I reset the config and do a parity check, everything is ok back again, but I would like to avoid doing this every month.

logs where made after a reboot hoping it would came back 😕


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There should be no problem with seagate Ironwolf drives.   If this happens again make sure you grab diagnostics before rebooting so we can see what lead up to the problem occurring.



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Just now, Nexius2 said:

I'm now rebuilding parity, but for sure I can make it happen again, I have the issue every month since I started unraid.


The fact that is occurring regularly does suggest a hardware issue of some sort.   Whether it it the disk drive itself or something else may be indicated by the diagnostics.


Have you checked out some of the more obvious alternatives such as the SATA or power cabling to the drive?


What type of disk controller is the drive connected to?  Marvell based ones are notorious for dropping drives offline for no obvious reason as are disk expanders :( 


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I've got a Dell H200 6 Gbit/S SAS LSI 9210-8i connected to a Lenovo 16-Port 6 Gbit/s SAS-2 Sata Expander connected to the backplane, WD disks on the same bus have no problem.

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