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UnRaid unresponsive this morning, kernel panic

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unRAID 6.9.1 

Ryzen 5 2600 - not overclocked

32GB RAM - XMP set to 3200

2 8TB drives (parity/data)

240ssd Cache

256nvme for docker

240ssd for Zoneminder

GT 7300 for unRAID Console

GTX 1050 Ti for Plex


I recently downgraded from my Dell R720 to my Ryzen 5 PC (Selling R720) and decided to throw in a GTX 1050 for Plex transcoding as the R5 2600 has 6C/12T compared to my R720's 20C/40T.


Everything worked fine for a few days before I installed the GPU and then after installing it, the server would just hang up randomly. I was able to capture this picture of the error. It could be completely unrelated to the NVIDIA plugin and my GTX 1050, but historically I've always had problems with both of my GTX 1050 Ti's and my GTX 960, wether it was for a VM or for Plex transcoding. I have been using the same unRAID installation since September 2018. I've gone through 4-5 different servers and never had issues like this in the past.


Any help as to what could have caused this to stall would be highly appreciated as it's not something I can replicate at will.


Thanks in advance!




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