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Windows VM Applications suspending when closing Remote Desktop session.


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Hey All,


I use a windows 10 VM for processing tasks (rendering, stitching, etc). I connect via remote desktop to check on processing and setup any new tasks, then I'll close RDP and come back every few hours. It's been working fine like this for months until a few weeks ago.


Now, anytime I close the session, the entire vm seems to be suspended until I next connect. The only exception to this is a photoshop script I run, this seems to continue fine. However, a custom command line script and a software called PTGUI (360 image stitching software) both get suspended. 


I'm running Unraid Version 6.9.1 Stable

These are my main VM settings. I haven't changed anything here in awhile.






Does anyone what could be causing this issue or what I could try to fix it?

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Bumping this because the same thing happens to me. It's maddening. I have PowerToys Keep Awake active, the power plan is set to never sleep and as soon as I close the RDP session, it goes to sleep. I can't find anything on Google regarding this behavior within unraid or any QEMU. I'm using Qemu 7.2 and guest additions.

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