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Is there a good visual/graphical way to monitor disk usage on an unRAID server

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Is there a good visual/graphical way to monitor disk usage on an unRAID server, something along the lines of the Resource Monitor "Disk" tab in Windows?


I find out sometimes (when writing lots of smaller files) even disk speed usage is very low (such as 20MB/s), but the disk still works very hard. The windows disk manager will show me the read speed is 20MB/S, but disk usage is 100%, then I know the disk is bottleneck my operation.





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Hi there,

I was about to ask the exact same question that JeffSuperb had already asked here.


I find the answer to be missing the point of the question.


Jeff and I are not trying to find the current read/write speed of the disks, but instead trying to find the "active time" (referring to jeffs windows task manager picture).

If the active time is 100%, we know that the HDD in question is working as fast as it can.

This would help identify SMR disk write problems or multidisk operation bottlenecks.

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