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Any Supermicro geeks out there?

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Hi ... i've ran into a problem with my 'new' SM DX10DRi-LN4+ motherboard. Long story short, it need an update from base bios 1.0 to latest version which appears to be 3.xx. I'm no expert at this but have now manage d to get up and running on one stick of ram and cpu wnd need this update before i can continue to populate my dual E5-2683v4 cpus which need to be at least revison 2. I'm a bit daunted at this, what's the best approach here. I CAN get into IPMI where it seems to allow a maintenance update but is that just of the IPMI itself? AND ... it appears to need a licence key to do it?? Is it as simple as creating dos usb key and sticking the files downloaded onto that? I dont want to mess this up! Any suggestions appreciated ...

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You can update the BIOS by creating a bootable USB stick (download the software from the Supermicro site), but it is a bit silly of SM to let you do all these steps ;) 


Have a look here to generate a license key and use IPMI instead. As stated above make sure your BMC is up to date before updating the BIOS.


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8 minutes ago, uldise said:

and v4 Xeons are up and running? :) 

Yup. Board was sitting at day one bios 1.15 i think, needed an update to kick in all of the v4 stuff. I needed to drop a single E5-2620v3 cpu in to allow me to do the update, so, for £14 not that bad a result. And ... my DDR4 2666 memory ( i had 10 sticks of 16gb at a bargain price) needed to have POR switched off in the bios as the mobo only expects DDR2400 ram. So this memory will be moved to my x11 board when they drop a bit in price.

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