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VM and docker failure - file location issue

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Hi, I stopped my VMs and dockers, and disabled the VM and docker services in order to configure my 4 onboard NICs (intel i350 on board). After I configured, I attempted to restart the services but they both failed and turned the file location red. It seems to be related to non-standard naming in the docker and libvert image file - my libvert file is libvert2.img and docker was docker4.img. Changing the name back to libvert.img and docker.img let them start OK. Is this a "feature" or a "bug" in 6.9?





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ok, thanks. It DID work before and has been working fine for a couple of weeks on 6.9. But manually stopping seemed to have triggered the error - so others may also experience this on a manual stop/start of service. Hopefully this helps someone else :) cheers.

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