every reboot caues unraid to do parity check and says unsafe shutdown

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oh ok  is there a way to hibernate VMs when your click Unraid reboot or hit the STOP button under VMS 

as the stop button hardly ever works to shut down windows you can wait till hell freezes over lol


but is there an option to do it or you do u need to do it individually  

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oh would you happen to know how to up the speed of dockers page..  my Dockers appdata page is on my NVME 3500/3000

but i find when you click dockers page its so slowwwww   its like waiting for a drive to spin up.. but once its running its faster  like u can goto the page... but shouldnt it be faster... and is there a way to tweak it faster? i not 100% sure

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12 minutes ago, comet424 said:

oh ok  is there a way to hibernate VMs when your click Unraid reboot or hit the STOP button under VMS 


Settings -> VM Settings




You also need to install KVM guest drivers on the VM.

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Posted (edited)

guess the shut down is back  

so  i changed the settings to hibernate VMs


did it shut down like before 30 seconds ?  or is it because i didnt install that kvm guest


and ya i didnt notice the Advandced tab before.. nore for Docker  just learned it.. and have had this server running since 2018 lol first time

learn something new every day

tower-diagnostics-20210416-1245.zip unbalance.log

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Apr 16 12:44:44 Tower root: Waiting on VMs to shutdown............................................................
Apr 16 12:44:44 Tower root: The following VMs are still running, forcing shutdown: webserver,Windows Server 2016


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now is that because i set it to Hibernate mode? and didnt install ths KVM guest?


did it again shut down at the 30 second mark like the other guy said ? as i set it to 150 seconds.. i guess its still that bug in the new unraid i take it

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Posted (edited)

ok so from the diagnostic file how long did it take it time out again?  30 seconds?

is this the link for kvm?

WindowsGuestDrivers - KVM (linux-kvm.org)


and it took roughly  1m 23seconds  shut down 4 vms


aparently you cant post the link here its blocked

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guess i cant fix this unsafe shutdown

so i timed it to 1min 23 seconds   

i set Disk Settings to 420 seconds

i set VM Manager to 300 seconds

and it takes over 1000 seconds for Gui to come back online..

i guess thats that bug ?  


and wasnt able to download the KVM guest  yet it wouldnt download  dunno why


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i also cant figure how to install this kvm guest program  all i see is drivers on the website but i need the program  to install or so

and maybe its a work around for VM backup and  these unclean shut downs  


i kvm into windows 

went to virto drive

i guess guest-agent  is the KVM Guest??

i ran the 64 bit and it crashed out the mouse  so that didnt work so well lol ugh


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i googled.. i guess it cant be done.. Windows 2016 Server isnt supported by unraid

i did Manual/VM Guest Support - Unraid | Docs


its incompatible  so i guess i just have to wait for a Unraid Bug Fix   since i cant hibernate it..

cant VM Backup it.. cant shut it down  etc normally

not without a Force Stop



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19 hours ago, comet424 said:

ok the 150 seconds fixed it.. it didnt take a new log file

Also mote that I misread the previous diags when I said Unraid was forcing the shutdown before the set timer, it wasn't, hence why changing the timeout from 100 to 150 solved the issue, it just needed more time.

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so as for the timeout i guess it just does after 30 seconds..  it didnt matter how high i made it i even set it to 1000 seconds  

i guessing it still shuts down after 30 seconds



reason i said its not supported i guess for Windows Sever 2016.. is the Unraid Docs states  2016  is untested  and since KVM isnt working after i run the 64 bit and tried the 32 bit  in guest-agent  folder

it did nothing..  i tried a reboot  and tried to use the Hibernate button but windows didnt close down to sleep or nothing


reason i figured it doesnt work  since the unraid docs also said its not tested  to be working.. and like i mentioned you cant post links in here it erased the link .. which sucked

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5 minutes ago, comet424 said:

and like i mentioned you cant post links in here it erased the link

I regularly include links in forum posts so not sure why you are having problems.   Are you using the option on the edit toolbar to insert a link or are you doing something different?

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you can see in my 2 posts above

WindowsGuestDrivers - KVM (linux-kvm.org)

 Manual/VM Guest Support - Unraid | Docs


i posted that  these were the links and i stated the forum erased the links in the next post..  i copy and paste the link  and the unraid form replaced the link with those.. so i could not send the link



and no what i do is  i copy the link and hit ctrl V    to paste the link.. i take it i gotta do something special?


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so ok thats the link  i tried to follow the instructions   it says server 2016 is untested 

and i cant get Enable Hibernation in Windows

its not 1 of the options in windows  

is basiclly what i was trying to say above  

because  VMBackup  and i guess the rebooting unraid 

will not shut down  Windows Server  nore can i get it in hibernation


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