every reboot caues unraid to do parity check and says unsafe shutdown

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how do i know if its old or new? i dunno anything about errors  all i know is the history  tab   and i showed no parity errors


so what does the scrub do?  and how do i know if i fixed the error?  


and is BTRFS  a good system  i choose it because when i first installed unraid and gave me options i googled it and they said btrfs  was good over xfs  but i really dont know and if i should stay with btrfs  or go with xfs  etc


but  ya i not sure how to know if i fixed the error????

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i clicked disk 3  and it says 


UUID: 610be969-2e97-4e51-adeb-39267e01779c no stats available Total to scrub: 1.47TiB Rate: 0.00B/s Error summary: no errors found


didnt click the scrub button


and i dont know how to clear the btrfs scrub stats??

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ah ok.. so whats the next test? i doing a scrub i dunno what i really does


and i was asking a question  i should have added ?

so it was a question    "stay with btrfs or go with xfs?"


so what next test i do  before i do a reboot?

and how you clear that stat that the other guy said


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so i ran that scrub  on disk 3  no errors... i running a balance  on disk 3 whatever that does


UUID:             610be969-2e97-4e51-adeb-39267e01779c
Scrub started:    Wed Apr 14 16:07:03 2021
Status:           finished
Duration:         3:22:51
Total to scrub:   1.47TiB
Rate:             126.91MiB/s
Error summary:    no errors found


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1 hour ago, comet424 said:

so here is the log before the reboot and a diagnostic after the reboot

Those don't help to diagnosing an unclean shutdown, the only ones that can help are the diags saved by Unraid in the logs folder.

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ok here are the logs from yesterday and today if i have to go further back let me know

from the flash\logs folder... if you need me to go further back  more dates  i can attach them too

tower-diagnostics-20210415-0817.zip tower-diagnostics-20210415-0819.zip unbalance.log tower-diagnostics-20210415-1252.zip tower-diagnostics-20210414-1359.zip tower-diagnostics-20210414-1405.zip

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heck if i know whats automaticlly created..  you guess is good as mine  i guess 

it be 



and the 8am file

you guys are smarter then me at log files.

if i took a guess it be


8:19am file 

its confusing  as tower-diagnostics-xxxx is labled the same as a manual download

so you cant even tell between the 2 either


be nice if the Flash logs wrote   


and manual



but you guys are the experts.  hopefully you can figure it 


but whats confusing these are really noy Flash logs they are "diagnostic" download files 

it seems there is no difference from  "flash logs" and "manual down"



maybe log files should be saved as  



somethiong to show  whats a pre reboot and whats and after reboot file in flash logs


unless there is something i can change  so it makes it easier for me to distinguish



reason i said i gave the last 2 days diag nostics is to look in there what keeps causing this bug that other people are having and that the 100 second from 90 seconds trick didnt fix it... as i also make sure to check  fix common issues too to try to solve those too



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just the 90 seconds to the 100 seconds  that was from the other forum that fixed the issue for other people  

i havent tried different numbers as trul  was giving me other tests to do...  


i dunno how high to go?  or what number is too high

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ok the 150 seconds fixed it.. it didnt take a new log file


did the log files tell you what caused the timeout from not being honored?

is it the VMS?  more so Windows VMs?

does it say like windows does


These Files are still open do you wish to force closer...  does the diagnostics tell ya  what was still open at the time of the timeout?

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2 hours ago, comet424 said:

did the log files tell you what caused the timeout from not being honored?

It appears to be an Unraid bug, it's not respecting the set timeout, you had the timeout set to 100 secs, and Unraid was forcing the shutdown after less than 30 secs had elapsed, changing the setting usually makes it stick, same thing happened to a handful of users after upgrading to v6.9.

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oh ok.. as its was set to 90secs i guess thats the default.. and then i set it to 100  and  i just in the earlier post set it to 150


so i figured it was a Windows VM thing you know how it hangs

ro how you cant shut down Windows VMS  using Stop  you always gootta use the Force Stop  as it wont shut downin the VM section.. be nice if they could fix that too  that the STOP would shut it down.. or i had to click STOP 2-4 times  to get ot to shut down  ..


so least i not going crazy.. so then  will this  happen again in the next reboot or will it stick..  i didnt try a 2nd reboot 

i was also thinking maybe my hard drives are failing and unraid knows something

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7 minutes ago, comet424 said:

ro how you cant shut down Windows VMS  using Stop  you always gootta use the Force Stop  as it wont shut downin the VM section.

You can try hibernating the VMs instead, that's what I do, much faster.

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