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Gaming with Mic and Headphones Remotely

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I am not sure if this is possible at all but thought I would ask.  I have set up my new Unraid server successfully, to this point with, with everything I wanted it to do initially.  I plan on doing some gaming using my Windows 10 VM which I would typically use a mic and some cheap headphones.  This server will be in a separate room running headless however.  Is there some sort of a client to host pass through of these peripherals that would allow me to use them?

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27 minutes ago, tjb_altf4 said:

How are your other peripherals and video get to the other room for gameplay?

Direct connection to server, or streaming to a device (TV?) using something like steam link?

As of now the server is sitting beside me next to my old daily driver.  Once the server is moved to the other room I will still be using the old computer's monitor/browser to access the Win10 VM using Splashtop Desktop.  Not sure if that is the best route to go or not?

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Most remote desktop software isn't optimised for gaming, but software like Steam Link is.

Steam recently released a Linux version, so you could install a Linux distro, install Steam Link and stream from your more powerful server (i.e. a gaming VM with a GPU etc).


All peripherals are managed on the client side (your old pc) through Steam Link.

I play games on my lounge tv using the android tv version of this app and its a pretty good experience.


You can also set this up with a rasberry pi if you want to sell off your old pc.

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