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Help finding an old app or docker to rename tv shows.


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I've had Unraid since back in 2016 and mainly run it monthly to backup my network files and such.   Back when I first setup Unraid, I had a program installed where I could rename TV shows I had on my drives.  Such as the Stargate series.   I would put them in a directory, and in the app or docker (not sure which one) enter the same directory and then run it.  It would search some database, perhaps IMDB and rename all of the files with the names of each episodes like Stargate SG-1 - S01E01-E02 - Children of the Gods

I can't seem to find the program anymore so I'm guessing its been depreciated or retired or something.   Is there another program which can do the same, but something not too difficult to use.  Thanks in advance.


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