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For unknown reasons, my UnRAID server will suddenly have all 4 CPUs pegged to 100%.  The result is the whole house loses internet access as I've got Pi-hole DNS, and Unifi Controller dockers running on this box.  It happens about once a week.  I first thought it was the Pi-hole docker so I  pinned it to a single CPU.  Then I thought it was the Plex docker, so I pinned that to 2 CPUs.  Neither action has solved the problem.  Running top doesn't seem to indicate what is maxing out the CPUs, no process is using over ~20%.  I can fix it without rebooting by restarting the plex docker via command line.  I've been having this problem for almost a year.   I've looked at the diagnostics but can't figure this out.  Could anyone please help?




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16 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Looks more high load due to i/o wait, if you stop all cache activity (turn off docker service/VMs if needed to test) does it get better?

@JorgeB thanks for the reply.  
Is there anyway to check besides disabling docker/VMs? As this doesn’t occur predictably, and sometimes not for many days, I’d be without many services unless I built another system to take over network duties.

thanks again. 

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