Chia farming, plotting; array and unassigned devices


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9 hours ago, sota said:

probably going to start version/revision updates in the next couple of days.  that should be fun.



I had my server crash the other day and it corrupted several of the databases. Luckily I had the VM on the server to get fresh versions from after little it work overnight. Now I need to go copy all those files over and start up all the fork again.

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yeah, doing that today myself on my VM. And actually thinking about completely changing how I do this.


Thinking about converting the system in the garage into nothing but a NAS and share the plots from it over the network. Then using my VM to do the actual farming and access the plots over the network. It only has like 100mbit wifi in the garage right now but plan to add a mesh node that should improve it.


I am finding that with 32 forks running even 32gb of ram is not enough, on my VM machine it is sitting at ~55GB of ram usage with them all running right now.


P.S. Have you got Silicoin working? It always locks up on my and never even gets to sync.


PPS, what happened to that fork manager program you were working on awhile back? Is that usable now?

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Well, just setup my VM to farm from the machine in the garage over the very subpar wifi just to see how things go.


Seems my bandwidth is limited to ~60mbit/s and it keeps that pegged most of the time.


Only a few of the GUI's show the proof time but they seem to be hovering in the ~10 seconds range with 475 plots and 32 forks running.


Gonna see how it goes as things settle in.


Hoping that adding the mesh node closer to the garage will boost bandwidth out there to at least 100mb+. Worst case it is possible to run a cat6 cable out there but a lot more work.

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11 minutes ago, sota said:

been quiet for a while.

had an incident where everything shut down.

seems like a couple forks won't re-sync for some reason.

haven't cared enough to really dig into it at this point.


I ended up moving everything to a VM on unraid and it has been a lot more stable since then. Although I also can't get a few to re-sync.


Almost made it to 1 chia farmed, at this point really thinking about calling it quits once I reach that point. Already killed one SSD due to chia.


With all the forks running, I am seeing ~400gb/day of writes ONLY farming.


Total profit after 6 months of farming it like $250 with all the forks combined.




mining on a single 3070 making $150 a month.


Chia farming is just not making a lot of sense, all things considered it is hardly paying for the power usage in my case (~500w all combined)

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