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New USB Stick Broke my Unraid Install

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Good morning,


    I have been wrapping my brain around trying to install my unraid server on a new USB drive. This all started when I received an error on my unraid dashboard (first image). After some research I concluded that the flash drive was faulty. I purchased a Samsung BAR Plus after watching some reviews on which USB to use.


    Then the headaches started. I first grabbed a flash backup from my running unraid server. I shut it down and using the creation tool ran the ZIP file on my new USB with UEFI enabled. However, when I installed this stick and ran it in Unraid at first it would fail to post only blinking after the motherboard screen. Since restarting and trying again I continue to get a 169 address. I understand it is failing to acquire an address from DHCP. However, when I type ifconfig. The proper IP address shows up under br0 and nothing shows under eth0. Please know that I have many other computers on the network obtaining IP addresses perfectly fine. The server also had the correct IP address before the flash drive change.


    I have attempted the following:


1. Change out the ethernet cable and ports on both ends.

2. Use a third different flash drive.

3. Use the old flash drive again (just goes to a blinking post screen after the motherboard screen)

4. Use the unraid flash creator with the backup zip file (makes it to the Unraid OS screen with 5 second timer and repeats in a loop fails to boot)

5. Use the Unraid Flash Creator with a fresh Stable release. This loads correctly but gives me a 169 ipv4 address. ifconfig shows the correct 192 address under br0 and I am able to access the UI. However, I cannot successful get my pro.key to install. There is only a Purchase and Trial buttons. 


    I am extremely afraid I just lost all my data if I have to start with a new Unraid OS. The data is on the HDDs, but the array is no longer available with the USB drive issues I am having. I have no idea how or where to pull the systemlogs from the CLI and I see no logs file on the flash drive.


Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aurous Master

CPU: AMD 3600X

RAM: Tridentz Royal 3600 mhz



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Your data should not be at risk but it is difficult to help with this little information.

Your diagnostics might give us a clue ?

Go to Tools / Diagnostics and attach the file zip to your next post.


While this is probably not related to your network access issues, you should look at that FAQ entry :



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I have done another fresh install so I can get to the GUI and get the diagnostics. This is not my old zip file. If I try to use my old zip backup I fail to access the GUI. Here is the zip you requested.






I see the network working. Maybe its my network settings? I can post those if requested. Also, help replacing my key would be appreciated. Do I need to reach out to Unraid support to get a link? There is no replace key button.



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Thank you for the information to get the registration key to work. I cannot believe I missed such a simple step. I successfully registered my new USB. Using a new install of Unraid seems to have broken all my dockers and VMs but I will gladly remake them. All my data is still available and that is what I care about most. I still am not sure if I have resolved the GUI issue when I restart. I am running a parity check and once finished I will try restarting the server. Hopefully the ipv4 registers.

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