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Unraid Crashing several times a week


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I have a ryzen 5 2600 based unraid server on the latest os.


I've had random crashes and kernel panics several times a week requiring a hard reset.


Attached is my diagnostics as well as the crash screen.


Troubleshooting steps:


1. run memtest for 24 hrs (8 passes or so) w/o any issue

2. disabled xmp profile of memory

3.  turned idle power setting from mobo bios from auto to typical

4.  I initially thought it was 6.9.2 so i downgraded to 6.8.3 but it would crash as well (not nearly as frequently)


My next step would be to swap out the usb OS drive to see if their is an issue.


I've also heard that moving dockers that had a static ip over to a seperate nic (br2) might help.  I also have my discs set to spindown after 45 mins but heard that if you keep it as never, it might help.  


I'm really picking at straws here.  I'm hoping it's not a ryzen issue. 


Any thoughts on where i should go from here?  



crash screen.jpg


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29 minutes ago, trurl said:

Where did you hear that? I think that and not overclocking RAM are the fix for most people.


i guess from this thread:



figured by putting idle power state to typical would make disabling unnecessary, but maybe i misunderstood it. 

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