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(SOLVED) Non-cache pool share going to cache disk

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Hello all,


I'm using V. 6.10.0-rc1 and created a share called movies. I selected "No" for "Use cache pool", and cache_nvme is chosen in the select cache pool but is greyed out.


Next I used the Unraid terminal to copy from another share to the movies share with the command 


cp -r /mnt/user/data/files /mnt/user/movies


and after the copy I looked at the files in the movies share in the Unraid GUI. It's reporting that the movies folder is located in cache_nvme.


Further, I set up the movies share to include Disk 2, and exclude Disk 1. Any ideas why this data is going to the cache pool?




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Ive actually noticed the same issue. I cant figure out why this happens.

Doesnt mather if its a docker using the share, or uplading from other device. The files end up in the cache drive.


Ive tried to enable it again, and run the mover to make sure all files are moved off the cache and then disabled cache again. But this does not help.

Also checked all docker settings so cache path isnt used anywhere.


Kinda drives me insane.. :)


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4 hours ago, ShadowLeague said:

I'm experiencing the same for Version 6.9.2 2021-04-07
I have a `Downloads` folder set to use a cache pool. When I move stuff from it to a `Media` share, that `Media` folder is using the cache pool, too. The `Media` share is NOT configured to use any cache pool.

How are you ‘moving’ the files?   It sounds like you may be encountering this issue?

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