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Cannot disable DNS rebinding protection in router. Can I still use My Servers?

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I'm trying to setup the My Servers plugin but when I try and provision the certificate it gives me the error of "Sorry, an error occurred in processing your SSL certificate. The error is: Your router or DNS server has DNS rebinding protection enabled, preventing {IP's} resolution. See Help for more details and workarounds."


I checked with my router manufacturer (Luxul) and you cannot disable the rebinding protection.


What's the next step?

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DNS Rebinding must be enabled in order to setup SSL certificates for local access to the webgui. In Unraid 6.9, this is required for the optional Remote Access feature of My Servers to work. Happily, in Unraid 6.10 using SSL for local access is not a requirement for using SSL for remote access. Feel free to use the other features of My Servers until you upgrade to Unraid 6.10 (currently in RC):


For more information about My Servers see:

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On 1/5/2022 at 1:48 AM, twistedlabel said:

I ran into the same problem when setting up the My Servers plugin and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to change my router settings. Turns out using cloudflair's dns was my issue, not the router. I changed over to googles, waited for a bit and was able to generate the SSL certificate.




Exactly the same issue here, and moving away from Cloudflare's DNS servers fixed it for me as well!

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