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Docker Image is Sometimes Running full.

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How to recognize on the picture I have the problem that my Docker image from time to time is always fully running but is also emptied again automatically. I suppose it is due to my Plex container, but I could not prove the notcht because the error here occurs irregularly sometimes 2 times a day sometimes 2 weeks.
Does anyone have any idea how I can locate and fix the bug?

BR Wingold



The Presentage is driving up rapidly and then comeing down again after sone time


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Even if you have a reasonable mapping for transcode, that doesn't mean you have configured plex to use that container path for transcode.


Your docker.img is ridiculously large. 20G is often more than enough and making it larger won't fix anything, it will only make it take longer to fill. The usual cause of filling docker.img is an application writing to a path that isn't mapped. From the discussion so far plex transcode seems a possible suspect.


And your libvirt.img is also ridiculously large. I don't think I have ever seen anyone need more than the default 1G.

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