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  1. Do you know where else i have to confiugre it in Plex?
  2. As i know i have set the Transcode folder and also the db to an external drive.
  3. How to recognize on the picture I have the problem that my Docker image from time to time is always fully running but is also emptied again automatically. I suppose it is due to my Plex container, but I could not prove the notcht because the error here occurs irregularly sometimes 2 times a day sometimes 2 weeks. Does anyone have any idea how I can locate and fix the bug? BR Wingold The Presentage is driving up rapidly and then comeing down again after sone time
  4. I tested everything i seem´s that my WIN10 Vm has caused the Crashes without it the Systems stays stable.
  5. I checked the Bios configuration, the c-state was already disabled and the Power Supply Idle Control was already set to the typical Idle power as in the post. I also checked the memory, it is running at 2133Mhz. Then I had the system search for an updated bios and installed it, but it didn’t help. The system’s crashing all the time.
  6. After Changign the Cachefile to XFS the System was fine for 2days but yesterday at 19:13 the system crashed again this time the last lines where this instead of the BTRFS Error. Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: Call Trace: Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: _raw_spin_lock_irqsave+0x29/0x31 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: __test_set_page_writeback+0x7a/0x37c Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: ? clear_page_dirty_for_io+0x7e/0x25a Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: xfs_do_writepage+0x20a/0x2f4 [xfs] Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: write_cache_pages+0x21e/0x2e2 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: ? xfs_vm_writepages+0x92/0x92 [xfs] Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: xfs_vm_writepages+0x5e/0x92 [xfs] Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: do_writepages+0x28/0x51 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: __writeback_single_inode+0x36/0x15a Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: writeback_sb_inodes+0x1e7/0x373 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: __writeback_inodes_wb+0x63/0x9a Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: wb_writeback+0x11f/0x1c3 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: wb_workfn+0x1d1/0x253 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: process_one_work+0x16e/0x24f Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: worker_thread+0x1e2/0x2b8 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: ? rescuer_thread+0x2a7/0x2a7 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: kthread+0x10c/0x114 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: ? kthread_park+0x89/0x89 Dec 8 19:13:16 Homeserver kernel: ret_from_fork+0x22/0x40 The Last Thing I was doing, was moving Files From an UAD Drive to the Array via MC syslog-1
  7. I checked the wiki and reformated the Cache Drive but I therefore ask the question: I have an 2nd NVME SSD here which i want to you as an Redudant Cache/Cache pool. Should i keep using BTRFS for the Cache or should i switch to XFS what im already using for the Main Array?
  8. Hello togehter, my Unraid Sever keeps Crashing. From on to the other Moment i can´t reach the guy any docker/VM or the SMB share even trying to log on via SSH isn´t possible the only way to fix it is Hard resseting the System. In the Systemlogs i found some error of the NVME SSD but i dont´t know if this is the reason for the crashes an what i can do to fix it. Dec 2 21:19:01 Homeserver kernel: BTRFS critical (device nvme0n1p1): corrupt leaf: root=5 block=87605248 slot=89, unexpected item end, have 805314679 expect 8311 syslog
  9. Hello Jungle you can stop the plex container at your site for a while and see if the server still crashes. If this is not the case, I would activate it again if there is another crash. There's a very high probability that that's what it is. In my case it is unfortunately not the Plex Docker which is why I am still looking for the cause.
  10. Hello randomjohn at the Moment i have the same Problem in this Post the same Problem was caused by the Plex Container an his Maintenance run maybe you can disable the Docker temporaly and test if there are further crashes. I did this today too
  11. Hi i have the same Problem at the Moment so my Unraid keeps crashing every night. Do you have found a fix for issue with the maintenance run?
  12. Thank you for your help is worked so far for me exept of the last step when i want to start with the indexing it give me de following error root@Homeserver:~# docker exec --user www-data nextcloud php occ fulltextsearch:index unable to find user www-data: no matching entries in passwd file do you haven an Idea what i have to do to solve this error?
  13. No it is disabled on both Systems in the picture below you can see my settings. These are the same Settings as on the other System which is working just fine. I turned it on and tried angain but still no option of custom Networks.
  14. I want to set an Custom IP for my docker Containers but like in the 2nd and third Screenshot. but i don´t get the Option (Custom) How this can be fixed? Thanks for Your Help Wingold My System: Other System with the Feature: