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3 hours ago, steve1977 said:

Thanks. I guess all of them? Most importantly would probably be appdata and system as these are set for dockers per default to use a user share?

If that is the case then you need to go into the settings for the share and set up the Use Cache setting appropriately and specify which pool that share should use.  The help built into the GUI can help with picking a value that suits your need.


The diagnostics showed that all the shares seem to currently be set to NOT use a pool.

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4 minutes ago, trurl said:

Your diagnostics seem to indicate that your pool named "test" is on USB. USB is NOT recommended for array or pool.


Array has been on USB for a while. It works flawless. I've seen the warnings about it, but it seems to do well in my use case.


I am currently using a USB pool, but that's just for troubleshooting. The original errors were all when using a NMVE disk. So, this should not be the root cause of my issue?

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When selecting include or exclude for a user share, pools never show up there and that is as it should be, since all pools are part of all user shares, and you can control whether or not a pool is used for writing new files to a specific user share with the settings for that share. And pools also don't show up in Global Share Settings for include or exclude, because those settings are intended to specify which array disks are included in User Shares. It is possible to have array disks that do not participate in User Shares, and those disks can only be accessed directly.


18 minutes ago, steve1977 said:

root cause of my issue

What issue are we trying to fix exactly? Seems like everything about how all this works has already been discussed in this thread.

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My issue is still unsolved. No idea what I am doing wrong here (if it is my mistake rather than a bug).


I add a pool device. I create a folder on the pool device (e.g., appdata, test, frank). This folder on the pool device does not show up under user shares. No matter what I do, it just does not show up under user shares in Unraid,.


If I create a folder on an array disk, it always shows up.

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Looking at those diagnostics you have a pool anonymised as 't--t' - I guess this is the 'test' one?  However looking at your share configuration they are all configured to not use any pool.


If you want any to use this pool you will need to set relevant share(s) to point at this pool and to have a Use Cache value of something other than No (the built in help shows how the settings for this option work).

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14 hours ago, steve1977 said:

All folders on the array are automatically added as user shares.

Top level folders on array or pools are automatically a user share with the same name as that top level folder. Any user share you haven't configured has default settings.


If you create a user share in the webUI, a top level folder named for that share is created on array or pools as needed according to the settings you have made for the share.

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Thanks. You are describing exactly what is not happening in my case.


If I add a top-level folder (e.g., MOVIES), it automactically becomes a user share. This works flawless for all top-level folders on my array.


However, this does not work for my pool device (device name: Test). This device has a top-level folder named "Test". However, this top-level folder is not added as user share automatically.


I have sent my diagnostic log above and can also add more screenshots if helpful?


If I read @itimpicorrectly, I may need to manually add it?

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That isn't a screenshot of all the user shares. I was hoping to find out more about these anonymized shares:





That leading character is something I occasionally see in diagnostics, but usually they are a mistake the user made at some point and those shares don't actually exist. In your case it says they have files on the array.



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