Encrypted backup to unassigned drive


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So I have gotten my hand on a 3TB surveillance drive (free) and it seem to be in OK shape.

So I got the idea of backing up the most important info on it (photos documents and so on) (not close to 3TB, more like 500gb) in encrypted form and then storing it in another location and then every X months take it home to update it and then back to storage.  As its another location I would prefer the data to be encrypted.

Is there any way I can set up so I plug it in, then press a button in unRAID, then the backup/backup update automatically happens (selectable shares) and then I can take it out and put it back? If so, how?


I have found scripts that do something similar, but none of them encrypt the data, its just a straight copy. I want it to be encrypted in some form.

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