What is the oldest drive in your Array

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I have a sumsung HD103UJ from 2007 that was a pull from a usb enclosure.  Power on hours have reset at least once as this drive is from 2007.  I am currently showing 7 years on it.  no reaccollated sectors.  All my other drives have been upgraded but this one..


I also have one old 1.5TB seagate 

ST31500341AS this from 2009 the power on hour just reset on that one and is showing 2 months.  This was from my original media player using media portal and 5 drive array before i started with unraid over 10 years ago.

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Power on hours:  

73799 (8y, 4m, 29d, 23h)


ST4000DM000 usb pull



Any drive that has reallocate sectors gets swapped.  So far that is 1.


I've had a few drives that didn't make it into my array as they failed within 3 preclear passes.

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JonathanM – I loved the Joke (and the history lesson).  

Squid – 1st, great books.  2nd, I was going to make a poor taste cat joke back to JonathanM, however this pretty much takes care of it.   3rd, pretty certain I need to get a hold of those dvds for a watch through. 

Nomisco – that’s really cool, hadn’t come across one of those before. 

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WD 12TB Elements External - $229 - Most likely an HST or a RED or similar.

WD Internal 12TB HGST ( Western Digital ) Ultrastar Helium drive. Don't get all excited. The Helium is just a word they threw in there. Like when you get air in your tires at the shop and they charge you a little extra for Helium. Means nothing. $270


Ok people, should I be honest and pay the $40 difference or be a criminal and SHUCKEE the external? I have an 8TB drive allocating sectors more and more, so I'll need to get it soon. My parity is only 10TB, so guess what? I would need to swap out my parity and remove the dead 8TB and re-purpose the 10TB. I've upped my parity only 15 times now, so I am getting tired of it but my array is going fast. I have 15 drives 5 of them are 4TB which are slowing me down a lot but out of 88TB total I have 12TB available. More and more 4K content. Specially that beautiful Dolby Vision content. What to do? Buy a couple 12TB externals, get all my $$$ back or give my money out to these price gouging greedy share holders that would cut rations of food on their own kids if it would save them a $1???

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7 hours ago, opentoe said:


Ok people, should I be honest and pay the $40 difference or be a criminal and SHUCKEE the external?

There's nothing dishonest about buying an external drive and removing it from the enclosure, you just give up your right to claim warranty.


Or are you talking about straight up retail theft and returning the empty shell for a refund?


If you can live with causing prices to increase for everybody else just for your little gain, sure, go right ahead and be a thief.


7 hours ago, opentoe said:

give my money out to these price gouging greedy share holders that would cut rations of food on their own kids if it would save them a $1???

What? The vast majority of share holders in corporations are people currently living paycheck to paycheck that have retirement plans investing in the market.


The cost of shrinkage is directly reflected in the cost of the goods, the executives don't care what the end cost actually is as long as the business as a whole stays profitable.


If enough people decided to steal instead of paying, the company would go out of business, and nobody would get anything.

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Late to the party, but:

Power on hours
101490 (11y, 6m, 29d, 18h)


Model Family:     Western Digital Caviar Green
Device Model:     WDC WD10EAVS-00D7B1

Raw_Read_Error_Rate     POSR-K   200   200   051    -    0
Spin_Up_Time            POS--K   166   164   021    -    6658
Start_Stop_Count        -O--CK   096   096   000    -    4703
Reallocated_Sector_Ct   PO--CK   200   200   140    -    0
Seek_Error_Rate         -OSR-K   100   253   000    -    0
Power_On_Hours          -O--CK   001   001   000    -    101490
Power_Cycle_Count       -O--CK   099   099   000    -    1572

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Now that I'm finally upgrading all my drives after seeing a catastrophic server failure at work (5 out of 8 drives in two servers), here are the first drives removed from mine. They had data and were being used until this last week


Samsung HD103SJ 8/2010

Samsung HD103SI (undated)

2 Seagate Barracuda Green 8/2011

2 Hitachi HDS7230 8/2011 and Refurbished 2/2011 

Samsung HD204UI 3/2011

3 WD15EARX Recertified from 2012

3 WD20EZRX Recertified from 2013


Bunch of other random (and some recertified) drives to go after the preclearing finishes. I'm impressed with how long it all lasted, most were the cheapest green drives I could find, and they survived being taken out and put in storage for half a year during a move in 2016 as well.  (After adding some drive dates, I realized they were all older than I thought, as I expected to see more dates from 2013/2014)

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updated drive dates
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