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Starting array causing unraid webui to be inaccessible

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I had an issue with a drive that was failing due to the wire getting stretched and caused plug to break. It doesn't get recognized by unraid any more and then i think i've made the mistake of selecting new config. So I think the parity is now invalid, which i'd assume means there's no way to rebuild the data from the damaged drive :(. Anyway... the way found this issue was because i couldn't access the webui? so i thought the usb was corrupted, but i figured out that i could access the webui only for a short few mins before the array auto starts. I managed to turn that off at system so i can still access the webui. I've done a short smart check on all the drives that are still in the server and they seem to be fine. Few the docker containers that have a webui are accessible (JellyFin - can play videos files, Sonarr, Radarr) Sab doesn't work by their ports so i know the array is at least partially working. Also i get a message like this when attemping to connect via ssh

kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer
Connection reset by port 22


I just replaced my router from the standard ISP to a much better Asus router, could that also be a problem?


Bit stuck what to try next, any suggestions would be appreciated. I guess i should do Full SMART scans on the drives for starters?



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So i believe the cause of issues was related to a new router i had purchased prior to the issues i described above, i'm not entirely sure why this is the case but i can provide some information as to my findings.


When the array starts, docker subsequently follows. When docker starts i was having issues. I had a container set to use docker host (Glutun) which was restart looping and maybe what was causing the webui to fail subsequently. Once disabling that it resolved the issue.

My solution has been to not use this glutun container any more, maybe someone with a better knowledge of networking can understand the problem better than me.

Side note:

I had damaged a drive to snap part of the port which i have now glued as a temp fix. Now i have up to 20 crc errors from that drive, should i replace this drive immediately? i don't know if this is something i should be concerned about.

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