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Lost my VM's after Cache Upgrade!

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Hi all,

As the subject matter mentions, I'm unable to get VM's to work anymore. 


I upgraded my cache disk. I followed the steps with regards to shutting down the dockers. But I completely forgot shutdown the VM services. There were NO VMS's running at the time I used the mover etc. I then installed the new cache drive and did the reverse of the previous steps... 


Initially I had problems getting the Dockers working, but I was able to recover those. But the VM's are still causing me issues. 


So I wanted to know if there's a way to get the previous VM's back, or did I screw it all up by not turning off VM manager?


I have linked my diagnostics, and a file search for the libvirt file. 


Many thanks for the help!




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Thanks JorgeB.

Just to make sure I don't do anything else incorrectly, I have copied over the libvirt file from the old cache disk to the /domains folder. I have removed the libvirt file from the /mnt/cache/system/libvirt folder. I think that was what you meant, correct??? 


Also, I haven't started the VM Service yet. Your comment above suggests that you just want the diagnostic file after I have the libvirt file in the domains folder?


I have also included a screen shot of my settings in the VM Manager. Can you confirm these are correct?

Thank you so much for your assistance.... it's really greatly appreciated. I honestly don't find a lot of the inner workings of UnRaid very intuitive. 





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11 hours ago, JorgeB said:

You need to copy to /domains

The usual location for both libvirt.img and docker.img is in the system user share.



17 minutes ago, mort78 said:

a screen shot of my settings in the VM Manager

and the system user share is where your VM Manager is expecting it to be.


If you start VM Manager with those settings, and it doesn't find libvirt.img there, it will create a new one.


Your previous screenshot of the find command showed a version of libvirt.img in 3 different user shares. Don't know which you want, but your VM Manager settings say you should put it in system user share in the libvirt folder.

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