File integrity check with parity for data drives and vice versa

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I want to request a feature to do a file integrity check via parity to make sure individual files won't go corrupt to ensure parity not only holds the math to rebuild mechanical/hardware failure, but also acts as a "make sure individual files are fine too". One of my image zips of 116GB i now have to delete because it's completely corrupted and can't be open.

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Ideally I would like the system to check file integrity (checksum), and if invalid, restore the file(s) from parity (or something else better?).


Perhaps Unraid cannot do this because parity is not done at the file level (done at the drive level).


I use BTRFS via Unraid, but I don't think Unraid uses BTRFS for file restores.  Perhaps future Unraid has decided to use ZFS instead of BTRFS.




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On 12/21/2022 at 1:43 PM, JorgeB said:

That would be detected as one or more parity sync errors, but no way of knowing which disk is the problem.

Ah great, so in theory i can trust my parity sync to say somethings up but we still need something to checksum the files.


I guess hang tight until zfs arrives?

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