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WebGUI is broken, unable to connect via SSH or Telnet

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I believe I'm experiencing the same issue as the user here:

In short, the Nerdpack (I thought I upgraded to NerdTools) plugin broke something with the network settings.

Most of my Docker containers are unaffected, and a VM I had running seems to be fine.


I can ping the server, but when I try to connect via SSH or Telnet, I enter my password and all I'm seeing is a cursor without a command-line prompt.

I'm not running in GUI mode so plugging in a monitor isn't helping, and my power button isn't set to initiate a shutdown.


What in the world can I try at this point? Thanks for you time.

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2 hours ago, ChatNoir said:

As stated in the link, you can also get the diagnostics by typing 'diagnostics' on the server if you have a keyboard attached (and ideally a monitor).

Then you can 'poweroff' and recover the zip file on the flash drive.

Thanks for the clarification.


I've connected a keyboard and monitor, but all I have on the display is in the attached photo. Text is: "Unraid OS Safe Mode (no plugins, no GUI)."

There's no Linux command line and the screen doesn't respond to any input.

I've seen this screen before and I figured it was normal after booting into Unraid without a GUI. I also have a couple Docker containers using my GPU, so that could also explain it.


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Not sure if related or not, but today I suddenly stopped being able to get to the webgui as well.  Shares and apps all worked still without issue. Navigating to http://myserverip resulted in an nginx error.  https was giving me a dns error as it was trying to go to the custom myservers url with my hash in it.  Ultimately I got back in by SSHing in and deleting the certs on the flash drive (ssh into server, navigate to /boot/config/ssl and rename/delete the certs folder), then reboot (sbin/reboot). After doing that, I was able to get to the http ui.  Upon redoing my certs (settings/management access) and setting USE SSL/TLS to yes, I'm still unable to use ssl to get to my server. It redirects to port 80 and uses a self-signed cert, not the letsencrypt cert. The WAN Port check also fails even though I definitely have port 443 forwarded to my server. Version 6.10.2 if it matters.

EDIT: Also, I didn't proactively install/update anything recently, though an autoupdate of something certainly could have happened.  I've also not made any changes to my network setup either.  To my knowledge, I didn't make any changes to my server or network leading up to this.

EDIT2: FWIW I have NerdPack installed. Don't remember why I have it tbh.

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26 minutes ago, accelman said:

I am having the same kind of issue  except I can ssh in and all dockers are working and 2VMs are working I just cannot access webgui via ip, name etc any help here?

That's strange. Have you also removed Nerdpack recently?


I'm no expert, but if you're able to access the command line via SSH, you could try to initiate a graceful shutdown ("/sbin/powerdown"), then boot into safe mode, remove the plugin, and reset network settings as described in the linked topic in my first post. I've asked a clarifying question over there given what Tom90 is saying about already having removed the plugin.

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