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How to connect screen?

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I just set up a second Unraid server. I am running it headless. Need to access the Bios though to enable IOMMU groups (V-T setting?).


Unfortunately, I have no clue how to attach an external screen to my Unraid server, which I'd assume I need to access the bios (cannot do headless)?


I connected an HDMI cable to my TV, but don't get any screen. Tried both the iGPU as well as the Nvidia-GPU connection. Not sure, which one is the right one? Any practical advice how to connect my TV via HDMI to my Unraid server.


I am sure I am missing something *very* basic here ;-)


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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I still cannot get it to output any signal to the screen. I tried with and witout the Unraid flash disk. But without luck 😞


To avoid that the issue is with my TV, I instead used a Dell monitor, which I'd assume should be safe and works with several other devices. But yet again, no luck. No matter what I do, there is no output to the monitor.


Any other ideas? I'd assume I may miss something very trivial?

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