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[SOLD] - US - HDHomeRun Dual Tuner - $60 - w/free shipping in the U.S.

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I will ship this free to a Continental US address.
I will accept the $60 payment via Venmo, PayPal (friends and family) or the Square Cash app.
I have a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect dual tuner box for sale.  It requires a coax connected antenna for receiving free over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts in your area.  It will receive both SD and HD channels broadcasting in the ATSC 1.0 format.  In my TV market, it detects 97 channels.
This is model HDHR4-2US (Connect) updated to the latest available firmware and differs from the currently-available HDHR5-2US (Flex) only in that it does not have a USB port for plugging in a USB drive for DVR recordings.  The latter requires a SiliconDust DVR subscription to use the USB port.
Nothing fancy is needed as far as the antenna.  Check out antennaweb to see a list of OTA channels in your area and recommended antennas based on distance from your address to the transmitters.  I have a simple VHF/UHF bowtie <$50 HD antenna I bought at Lowe's up in the attic and it works great.
I had it integrated with Plex for channel guide and DVR capabilities for recording OTA programs.  Plex makes this rather easy.  All shows are recorded to an Unraid share.  This also allows you to watch Live TV (even remotely if Plex is setup for remote access) via Plex in addition to via the HDHomeRun app.
If you are not using Plex with Unraid, other media servers may also offer HDHomeRun integration or SiliconDust offers their own DVR service for the HDHomeRun for $35 per year.
This box has two tuners so you can record one show while watching another, record two shows simultaneously or watch two shows on different devices.
The HDHomeRun app for watching live TV is available on multiple devices.  I have it installed on computers, phones, tablets, TVs and FireTV streaming devices.
This particular unit was made redundant when I bought the 4-tuner model with two ATSC 1.0 and two ATSC 3.0 tuners.
You connect it to an antenna, connect to your LAN via an Ethernet cable, run a channel scan, download and install the app wherever you want to watch OTA channels and off you go with free OTA TV.
For more information see the SiliconDust website.

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I'm into OTA and antennas big time and there is another really good use for the HDHomeRun, aiming your antenna with extreme precision.  In most cases, all you need in addition to an HDHomeRun is this app (Signal GH):  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/signal-gh/id289580769  The app provides MUCH more detail on the signal quality you are receiving than what you get built into your TV or DVR.  You can also sit up on your roof or in your attic with just your cell phone and perfectly align your antenna.  Also, if you are in an area of high signal strength, but a lot of multipath (city), you can use an attenuator between the antenna and HDHomeRun with the app to reduce your signal strength and get great data on just the quality of the signal.


A 2-tuner HDHomeRun and the Signal GH app can do nearly as good a job as a dedicated ATSC analyzer, and those cost megabucks! 

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12 minutes ago, craigr said:

A 2-tuner HDHomeRun and the Signal GH app can do nearly as good a job as a dedicated ATSC analyzer,

Good information. 


Fortunately, I live in an area about 37 miles from 95% of local transmitters with direct line of sight to the mountaintop where they are located. Aligning my antenna with the transmitters has always been fairly easy for me.  Others just a few miles from me are tucked in against mountains which disrupt line of sight and really mess with OTA signals.

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I'm in the city only about seven miles from the towers as the crow flies and have tons of signal strength, but also loads of multipath.  I spent forever on my roof trying to get all my stations to have almost zero pixelation or audio dropouts... I'm kind of a perfectionist for better or worse.  I had my wife on the phone looking at the TiVo signal meter, TV signal meter... and must have gone up there 100 times before I was satisfied (luckily, I never fell off!).  


Then I built my own really big bowtie antenna and moved it into the attic because I started to get paranoid about lightning with all my expensive equipment.  That naturally made multipath even more challenging, so I brought a small TV in the attic along with an old TiVo trying to tune it; I spent many days and hours (weeks even) and was still not happy.  I then found out about Signal GH and the HDHomeRun.  Once I got them and the attenuators, I had my antenna aligned in about 15 minutes to perfection.


Now I use the HDHomeRun like you with PLEX DVR.  It's great if you want to grab something OTA and have the file directly on the computer.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine went to a Bears game with his family and got all dressed up to try and get on TV so he asked me to record the game.  They did get on TV and I was able to send them a file of their appearance quickly and easily.


http://www.cir-engineering.com/bin/jo/2023-01-08 15-21-07.mp4


Now I keep The HDHomeRun running with PLEX DVR all the time to snag the kids favorite shows on PBS so I can just put them on a disc and they can watch them in the car on long dives.  I also am creating a huge catalog of NOVA and Nature along with others.


Again, having an HDHomeRun is a great tool to have for all sorts of things.

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I kind of want to buy this just to get two more tuners as six is sometimes necessary for me... but I really want the HDHomeRun FLEX 4K myself.  We don't have any ATSC 3.0 channels in Chicago yet except one intermittent jewelry HSN like channel, so I'm not missing anything ATM.  I hope the price drops (at least on used FLEX) and that HDHomeRun introduces a model with more ATSC 3.0 tuners than just the two.


I may finally dump my TiVo universe as PLEX has significantly and dramatically improved their DVR to a much more family friendly interface.  It's finally competitive maybe.  Today is the first day I am trying it out with the family.


Televes also has a new antenna out that is tuned for the USA repack:



I usually build my own antennas, but this seemed like something I had to try.  The preamp is really well designed and high quality right at the element, and it has 5G filtering built in.  So far, the results are interesting.  The signal strength isn't as high as with my own antenna and nor is the signal quality on some stations.  However, I am getting zero pixelation or audio dropouts... zero.  And I get more stations, even ones the antenna isn't pointing at!


Anyway, someone should buy Hoopster's tuner and a Televes 148883 Ellipse antenna.  You'll be amazed.  And if you already have PLEX Pass it includes a TV guide and DVR so no subscription needed.

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8 minutes ago, craigr said:

I kind of want to buy this just to get two more tuners as six is sometimes necessary for me

I have six now.  Never really use that many.  I have the Flex 4K (4 tuners) and another two-tuner Connect exactly like the one I am selling.  I'll probably end up selling the other Connect at some point.  I just kept it while I made sure the four Flex 4K tuners worked well off the same antenna (they do).  The Connect has it's own antenna up in the attic.

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  • Hoopster changed the title to [SOLD] - US - HDHomeRun Dual Tuner - $60 - w/free shipping in the U.S.

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