Community Applications Plugin "Network Failure"

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Hey everyone,


This is my second time setting up this server. I had no issues downloading the plugin the first time and the only difference network wise I believe now is that its a static IP. I keep getting this response when attempting to download the plugin:


plugin: installing: community.applications.plg

Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks

plugin: downloading: community.applications.plg ...

plugin: community.applications.plg download failure: Network failure

Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks


I pinged the server from my home PC and can access the WebGUI no problem, but I don't know if that's just due to the local network and actually the server cant access the internet. 


Diagnostics are attached.


Thanks folks, appreciate this great support community!

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3 hours ago, Squid said:

can you

ping -c3



What happens if you change the network back to dhcp?


Didn't even know that was an option after initial setup to be honest.


But I switched it to DHCP and it installed no problem. How can I have it on a static IP though if it wont connect properly?

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On 11/21/2023 at 5:44 PM, JakkVonSwaggr said:

I had a similar issue with my setup.  Static IP was set, ping was no issue and resolution seemed fine.  My fix was I needed to set the DNS manually instead of allowing my local router take care of the issue.  It was a small blunder on my part.


Thanks for the method.

I also find it's okay if I set the DNS record of '' into /etc/hosts via terminal (if anyone wish not to stop the vm/docker is running ;)

root@Server:~# head /etc/hosts
# Generated Server localhost

replace the X.X.X.X part to the result of what nslookup told you

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