Simplest way to run python script in Unraid

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I'm asking the question here because I've been trying to create a docker container to run a simple python script and I'm in way over my head.  So hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.


A little background... I've migrated from a Windows Server (2012R2) to an Unraid server and have gotten everything set up.  I'm now migrating all the little servers/apps that I had running on the Windows Server, one being a little python script called Alarmserver that I have running to allow the Envisalink module attached to my DSC alarm system to talk to a plugin in Homebridge.  The server is a bunch of .py files along with a alarmserver.cfg where I've edited with the configuration settings needed for alarmserver to run.


I'm trying to move this to Unraid.  I want to avoid having to run a Windows VM to run this in a Windows environment.  I figure a docker container would be the most efficient way to do this.  And I've found numerous docker containers in Docker Hub created by other users for this.  


But since I already have a folder with the script and a customized configuration file already set up, I'd like to just take that folder and put it in a container and run it, similar to what I'm doing in Windows. 


c:\python27\python.exe c:\alarmserver\ -c c:\alarmserver\alarmserver.cfg


So what's the simplest way to get this into a docker container in Unraid?  Thanks in advance.

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