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Disk Full After Creating Windows 10 VM

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Proper advice is to keep the OS vdisk small (40ish GB) and have the footage be stored on a network share that would be an unraid user share).
You can disable things like hibernation and pagefile (if you have enough RAM allocated to the VM) to reduce OS disk space usage.
I've allocated 16gb and the footage saved to a network share.

The problem I'm having just in testing is the CPU pegging 100% and freezing the VM. I've seen multiple threads with this issue. I'm starting to wondering if I'm asking to much from my CPU.

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Don't really know that app but it seems it's pretty CPU-heavy indeed unless you record without reencoding or have a GPU to give it to enable hardware encoding.
I'm not running Blue Iris yet. I wanted to do some testing with the 30 day trial before transferring my license over. Just running the VM stock it will lock up, have to force stop the VM. I'm trying to get the VM to be reliable first. Not sure if I mentioned, using 5600g for the processor.

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