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Support request: no GUI after repairing corrupted bz* files

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After a power down, got the "Bzimage checksum error/failure reading flash drive" or similar message on remote management console.

NB approx 1 year then passed for various reasons...


I've now followed instructions at: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Troubleshooting#Bzimage_checksum_error.2Ffailure_reading_flash_drive:

  • Repaired USB key
  • Restored bz* files from a new 6.9.2. image (same as installed)


UNRAID appears to start when viewing remote management console. But no GUI, and I can't see the expected local IP address on my network. Have also tried safe mode.


I've attached diagnostics (although oddly, I get a message when doing so, saying ZIP files aren't supported...)


I'm not clear what to do next - please advise.







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Added "...I can't see the expected local IP address on my network"
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in the certificate "/etc/ssl/certs/unraid_bundle.pem"


Access directly from the IP address and then set in Settings, Management Settings to not use SSL.  SSL and the certificate is no longer supported on your OS revision.


You should ideally update to 6.11.5

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