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Unknown files on Usb Flash Drive. Server not booting (no Webgui)

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I am running 6.11.5 on HP Z820. First time user, its only been a week now. The server had a few unclean shut downs due to faulty PSU but parity was valid (I hope it still is). 

Today I attached an external USB disk for data transfer using SpaceInvader’s "krusader" guide (Part 2 of a 4 part series). While transferring the data a notification about the same external drive getting hot popped but I couldn’t see for much long (only that the disk was at 47C which shouldn’t be too hot for an external disk) before the server shutdown. After disconnecting the drive I tried booting the server again but it never booted. After a couple failed attempts  I took the Unraid USB flash and inserted in Windows 10 just to have look and I found that the 16 GB USB FLASH drive is full of unknown files or at least unknown to me. 
Have no idea what are those. 
As I said earlier first time user and have no Linux or command line experience so please go easy on me. 

I am attaching the diagnostic file found on the USB which is from a couple a days ago. 
But the interesting thing is the presence of  unknown files in USB I don’t know what are these but I am attaching screen shot 

My sole method of connecting to the Unraid is webgui through Windows 10 machine but it no longer works. So don’t know what to do next.




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I have connected an LCD with the server and tried booting it again but I am guessing the bootable system is broken. 
if this is likely, how can I restore the flash usb. Is it even possible to install via the same flash drive ? 

Should I just format the flash drive and manual install Unraid ? 


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I have been experiencing the same issue since updating to 6.12 rc5. I updated from 6.11.* to rc1, and went through all the rc versions up to rc6, and the issue still persists in rc6 as well. However, after clearing some logs, I now have 1GB of free space remaining on my 32GB USB drive.

Edit: Last night, I updated to RC7, and it seems to have fixed itself as the space has cleared up. Currently, the used space is 1.3GB, leaving me with 30GB of free space. The used amount hasn't seemed to increase since 8 hours ago.

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