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Server crashed(?) during data rebuild

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Always seems to happen: I open up the server to do something with the hardware and end up with more problems. This time unRAID (6.11.5) told me there was a disk that had failed, so I replaced it with a pre-cleared standby disk. I took the opportunity to do some general cleaning and change a drive cage and fan position. Then I rebooted and started the data-rebuild on the new disk.


After a few hours of rebuilding, one fan got a bit noisy, but looking through the window it seemed to be spinning fine. But when I tried to connect to the server I couldn't reach it over the network. In the end I had no choice but to reboot. So the data-rebuild started again from the beginning (groan). I had lost network connection a few weeks ago, so I'm wondering if there's some underlying problem. (I think the fan and physical changes are just a coincidence.)


I'm also hoping there's no problem with the data rebuild. Does unRAID consider a disk pre-cleared (and therefore effectively blank) until the rebuild is complete? (Hence the restart from scratch.)

abridged_syslog.log tower-diagnostics-20230625-2228.zip

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1 hour ago, sonofdbn said:

But there surely shouldn't be random(?) interruptions.

You have the Parity Check Tuning plugin installed so it is almost certain that the interruptions are not random and are being initiated by this plugin.  You should check its settings under Settings->Scheduler->Parity Check Tuning.

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