Configure Mover to move from Cache to ZFS Pool

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Hi everyone, 


I am a newbie here and I have recently migrated my array to a ZFS Pool. 


Since I have done this, I cant find a way to configure the mover to move files from the Cache to the ZFS pool.


I dont know if this is an oprtion, I migrated all of my 10TB disk from a previous BTRFS array, to a ZFS RAIDZ pool, and I dont really know how to configure it correctly.


Would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction, i am attaching an image of my current setup. 


( I have been forced to add one disk to my array so I could start the array and make it work ).


Thanks in advance for the help!


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This is not an option in the current Unraid releases as you cannot move files between pools - only to/from a pool and the main Unraid array.


it is likely that this restriction will disappear in the Unraid 6.13 release where we have been told that the current Unraid array becomes just another pool type, but there is no ETA when this will be available, and there is always the chance that things do not turn out as expected.

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Whoa, that´s brutal, I had to move my entire data to external drives to be able to create my new ZFS pool, thinking, it would operate equally as the Array does. ( facepalming )


@itimpi What would be then the use case for the ZFS pools right now? using it a a secondary backup unit for the array? 


I think adding disks that I have around the house just so I can have them in my array would be nonesense. Since then the data flow would be like:


1.-  I copy a file from my pc to my unraid server( I have a 10gbe network at my place ) that goes into the cache ( a nvme 1TB SSD drive )

2.- The mover moves the file from the cache to the Array

3.- Finally the mover moves the file from the array to the ZFS pool


If this is the current use case... I think I might come back to my previous configuration of 8 10TB disks in the array, I just wanted to try the deduplication and supposed "speed" impovements of a ZFS pool. 


Thanks again for the help


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3 hours ago, Julen said:

What would be then the use case for the ZFS pools right now?

I think the primary Use Case for ZFS at the moment is that those who want performance can set up a ZFS pool and they can also make this to be redundant and have shares that live exclusively on that pool.    The downside is that expanding ZFS pools is nowhere near as easy as the main Unraid array or BTRFS pools.


3 hours ago, Julen said:

using it a a secondary backup unit for the array?

At the moment only the main Unraid array can act as secondary storage.

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Hello Folks,


Just me again, wondering if this feature is being considered to be included in the upcoming 6.13 update.


Now that the first Beta has been released to testers, would be nice to know if someone has checked this feature, would love to know.


Have a good day everyone!

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