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Upgrade crap!!

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so the solution is to use google shit???

no, solution is for unraid to work with any browsers out there

and to my knowledge, unraid does not work with latest Brave, Edge and Opera

which is unacceptable

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thanks MAM59 for your reply


in investing a bit more, it seem that "Use hardware acceleration", well not to use it actually or disable the use of it, have solved the/my issue

server is now responsive as expected


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8 minutes ago, flic said:

no words from Lime Tech to get me out of their mess ??

I'm not convinced this is a "Limetech mess" as you say.  I just opened the Unraid GUI and navigated to several GUI pages using Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Brave with zero issues.  I am running Unraid 6.12.6.


I have never used Brave before and downloaded it just for this test but I have never had any issues with the Unraid GUI in Firefox, Chrome or Edge previously.


Shot in the dark but you might try posting your diagnostics to see if any of the experts can spot something that might be useful; although, browser display issues are not generally caused by Unraid configuration problems.

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thanks for your reply Hoopster

what makes me say that this is a server issue, is that it's intermittent:
one refresh and everything`s good, the next a few minutes later, blank screen like above

same behavior on Brave, Edge and Opera

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3 hours ago, flic said:

what makes me say that this is a server issue, is that it's intermittent:

I'll leave the GUI logged into Brave for a few days and use it primarily to see it I ever have the issue you describe.  Any GUI/display issues I had in the past (and these were rare) were resolved with clearing browser cache but you have already done that.  I have never had any long-term issues with any browser and the Unraid GUI and I have been using it for 12 years. You obviously have an issue with Brave but it appears the problem is not widespread (or there are very Unraid users running Brave).

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