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[SOLD] I have a Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 64MB cache 7200 RPM drive


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Not sure where to post this but I have a brand new Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 drive. This is the 6gb/sec model and has a nice 3 year warranty. The drive has never been used. It is still sealed in the anti-static bag. Never opened. I don't need the drive space at this time but can use the extra money from this drive shortage. Newegg is currently selling this drive for $299. Would anyone be interested in this drive for $200? Don't laugh, I just saw a Western Digital Black 2TB drive for $447!!! Very insane prices.


I guess if I can't sell it for a premium I may as well just keep it, right?



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I have a box of drives sitting as spares, but who knows when the production will ramp up enough to bring the prices back down to the level they were.


With the current pricing, I would not be surprised to see them stay that high until there is a glut.

ditto. I have 4 or 5  3TB drives and 2 2TB Drives all NIB sitting on a shelf (and when those run out i have a shoebox full of 1.5TB drives).

While it is tempting to make a buck or 2 on ebay, If it is 9 months until drive prices stabilize, then I am set.


If the prices drop in a week (unlikely) I didnt loose anything. I am just future-proofed for drive needs.

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My bad, when I see 5K3000 or 7K3000 I always think of them as 3TB. (and they can be as low as 500 GB)


Did not imagine people buying 2TB now and for $200 as there are 3TB widely available - but the majority of them are using a RAID and with one drive down they are at perilous state - either get a new matched drive ASAP at any price or risk all of their data gone.


And as I have a few brand new , unused and in sealed bags Hitachi 3TB coolspin 6 Gb/s 32MB cache (I believe the model is 0S03230) I probably should offer them for sale too for the right price.

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