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Any reason why you cant switch to any other user when logged in via shell?


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It's pretty annoying logging in via root, unraring a bunch of files, then having to run newperms on the directory becuase they are all root-owned. For now, I just run this to allow me to switch to user nobody and unrar and move files:


 usermod -d /mnt/user/awaitingunrar/ -s /bin/bash -p someotherpassword nobody


There is a good chance I missed something obvious, but maybe not. Is there a better way?

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You can give another user shell access using the command below:


usermod -s /bin/bash "insert username here"


Minus the quotes


Give that a try and see how you get on


it worked just as you described. now will this command need to be ran after every reboot?

do I need to add to my go script?



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