Silent Build: Silverstone DS380 Build [DAEDALUS]

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I'll update the original post this week with photos, stats etc.


Any questions?

Any problems so far?  Cooling ok? I've been running my side fans @ 1000rpms with the filter on. During high load drives are 40-45C. I may up it one more notch next time I reboot. They are around 30C @ idle.

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That range is fine ... sounds like you've got the fans set just right now 

Your server's E-1230v3 has a Passmark of 9324, and your i7-3820 scores 9000, so the VM could potentially have effectively the same CPU "horsepower" as your current system, depending on what else was g

If you want to upgrade to a modern CPU with DDR4 RAM, you may wish to wait until mid-2019.  DDR4 RAM prices are crazy high right now but they are expected to drop significantly in 2019.   Co

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That's definitely higher than I'd like to see ... what drive models are you using?  ... and what's the ambient temp where your server is?

I agree.  I'm just trying to find that sweet spot that I can keep the dust filter on. I'm using all green drives.  House is 72-74F but server is in a closet that's open about mid level on a clear open shelf in the bedroom. So the ambient temp is probably a little higher. When I reboot again I'm gonna up them to 1100 or 1200 rpms. I'm not too concerned. It's just during parity checks/syncs. If all else fails I may modify the filter or just remove it.

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I'm a fan of the WD Reds, although both those and the Seagate NAS drives are excellent choices.


Personally, if I was expanding to a larger parity, I'd spring for the new 6TB Reds ... but that may be more than you want to spend.    The difference in cost/TB is nominal (about $5/TB at current prices), but of course the parity drive doesn't add any storage, so it's "sunk cost" that's $100 or so more than a 4TB unit.


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Agree ... there are few independent lab-based test results available.


Given a choice, I'd take the HGST helium-filled units;  but NOT at double the price.    The WD Reds perform quite well; and will definitely be the next drives I buy when I expand my UnRAID server (or build a new one).


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I can hope! Ha.


Which drive would get if money was no option? HSGT or WD Red?


I presume you're asking about the HGST helium-filled drive vs. the WD Red.  I'd likely still go with the Reds, since they have notably higher areal density.  The 6TB HGST drive uses 7 860GB platters, compared to the 5 1.2TB platters of the Reds.


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I need to upgrade my hard drives this week.  Would you go for WD or HSGT 4TB or?  I will be ordering by Wednesday


Either the WD Reds or the HGST Coolspin drives are fine choices.    FWIW, the HGST drives got higher reliability marks in the latest Backblaze report, so you may want to give them a try.  They're available at a very nice price right now:


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