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broken drive but can't replace it? [SOLVED]

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Post a smart report for that drive, and do another non-correcting parity check to make sure you get the same answer as before.

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The second parity check came back with the same results, 50 errors.

Shall I set it to correct parity now?


Also does that SMART report look?


Thanks again,


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Smart report looks OK. The only other question I don't think we have asked: Do you have backups of all critical data on your array? You should even if you believe all the disks are good.


Probably there is nothing wrong with the replacement disk, and you can never guarantee it won't fail anyway.


At this point it is still possible to redo the rebuild if you don't want to trust the disk. In future you should preclear any disk you put into the array. A rebuild does not require a cleared disk, but it is a good way to test the disk.


You can do a correcting parity check, then another non-correcting parity check which should result in zero errors.


Once you write parity you won't be able to redo the rebuild so I will let you decide.


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I’ve got a backup of all my critical data thankfully.


I’ll run the correcting parity check and then another non-correcting check as you suggest.


And in the future I’ll be sure to pre-clear the disks before adding them.


Also with regarding to copying over config from the old usb stick, what is the procedure.


I had quite a few things setup, like unmenu and lots of stuff installed from that, the auto temperature shutdown scripts etc.

Basically, can I copy all/part of the config or should I do it all from scratch (bearing in mind the original system was on a slightly older version of v5)?


Thanks again for all your help!



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If it were me I would probably just start from scratch. An opportunity to clean things up, download the latest, refresh my memory, etc. Also, the .cfg files in the config folder are just text files that correspond to settings you have made in the webGUI. You could just open the old ones in a text editor as a reminder of how you had things set before. Same for the .conf files in the packages folder, they would have the settings you made in unMenu. Just take a look at the contents of these files and copy them if you want or use them as a guide.


If you do decide to copy some of it over, of course the .key file is specific to the flash, so don't copy it. And most importantly, super.dat should NOT be copied, since that would put you right back where you were before the rebuild.



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