2 Drives Not added to available storage

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Ok so 2 of my drives are not showing up as available for use in shares. I must be missing something so obvious. Here is the screen shot of the drives in the main menu.



In the shares menu I have the drive included selection blank so that all drives are included and the excluded blank so that none are excluded but the available space is only 119k on all my shares? What is wrong?


Running 5.0, and yes I tried running with all plugins turned off as well.




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global level under settings->Shares.


[glow=blue,2,300]WOW[/glow] I knew I was missing something stupidly simple. I think that was it, I had disk1-6 specified no 7, and 8. I just used midnite commander to clean up and balance out some free space now to wait and see. Thanks!  :D


Thats how it is when you are looking at it in front of your nose its soo hard to see.




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