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  1. I had this happen to one drive as well. Ended up replacing the drive as it would happen every time.
  2. 6.4.1 RC1 works, RC2 does not. Below is what it looks like in rc2 and final.
  3. I was on 6.4.0 using Libre and my card was detected. Upgraded straight to 6.4.1 Libre (did not update to stock 6.4.1 first) and my card was not detected. Went back to 6.4.0 Libre and it is detected again. HAUPPAUGE WinTV-quadHD PCI Express TV Tuner Card 1609 . On 6.4.1 it shows up not detected. Should I make sure to update to the stock 6.4.1 first then the Libre?
  4. just go through community applications (plugin). A lot easier.
  5. I used the docker a few months ago and it was working no problem. Then I redid it this week and issues. Out of about 100 restarts of it only one time did it actually get to the web interface. I get failed to bind to port 80 in the logs. I am pretty sure you have to run it as host. Also, privledged is required.
  6. Can we get a response on if any TV tuner can be passed through to a docker such as Plex for Live TV. If not I want to return the adapater.
  7. With one of the dvb custom kernel or with stock unraid? Screenshot
  8. So does that mean when it shows up as an LG that will never work? I am thinking im just gonan return the dapter and get homerun extend. According to this the kernel has drivers. https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-quadHD_(ATSC_ClearQAM)
  9. When I use stock unraid it detects the card as Conexant. I tried the dvb edition and it detects it as LG Electronics LGDT3306A . Im hoping this will work. I know the newer model of this card (the one I have) will not be able to be used in plex till next media server version. Looks like it is passing it through correclt as the plex log says Ignoring (LG Electronics LGDT3306A VSB/QAM Frontend) as it is not supported device.
  10. How would one pass through a PCIE tv tuner to a docker (Plex). Is this even possible?
  11. I was just testing this docker in unraid 6.2.4 and this command was working. docker exec -it Rclone SYNC_COMMAND="rclone sync --dry-run /data remote:/Test" Now when I try it with unraid 6.3 it says rpc error: code= 2 desc=containerd: container not started. Any ideas?
  12. Well, yeah. Crypt is a feature of rclone. It has nothing to do with docker. All docker does is package the program in a container. The docker version might use an older version of rclone before the crypt feature was added, if that's what you are asking. The only real difference between the docker and the plugin versions of rclone, as far as usage goes, is that because of the way docker works you cannot share a mount with another docker. So for instance, if you are planning on using a rclone docker encrypted mount with Plex, you will need the rclone plugin. Cool thanks. That plex example is what I was looking at. I just using it to backup so I can stick with the docker. Thanks.
  13. Does can the docker version encrypt files with the builtin crypt of rclone or do we have to use the plugin if we want to encrypt?
  14. Anyone has the ability to issue pull requests on this file: https://github.com/Squidly271/Community-Applications-Moderators/blob/master/Moderation.json for my review. Or to drop me a PM about any non-functioning container. My limited understanding about GMM was that it does function, albeit if IPs / Users change then it goes downhill The program functions correctly but each new restart of the docker causes a random mac address which takes up a license. Quickly reaches your limit with Google.