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Now that Dynamix has been merged into the core unraid codebase we have access to a wealth of new features on a vanilla install. I  think there is some room for improvement on the dashboard specifically. When I first logged in to the webGui after the update I immediately tried to find the SMART reporting as I was most looking forward to that. I quickly noticed the green thumbs up icons on the dashboard but it took me a bit to find the detailed health readings.


My personal feeling is that a mouse over or even a link from those green thumbs to the detailed smart data would be immensely helpful, especially for a first timer. If it has a mouse over I would imagine the data to be abbreviated, but if I click on it send it straight to the disk health page.


TL;DR Make the green thumbs up icon on the dashboard clickable or hover-able for disk health info.

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... the current temperature (if available).


The heat alarm will show the disk temperature when it exceeds the thresholds, when empty it means the disk temperature is within normal operation.



I'm Ok with it, the temperature amount was requested by another person in another thread.

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