[SOLVED] Windows 10 and SMB

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This is what worked for me.


Changed the unRIAD server name to all caps in the Settings/Identification.

Changed the Windows 10 VM virtio Ethernet driver to virtio-win-0.1.102.iso.


With virtio-win-0.1.113.iso ethernet driver I wasn't able to see any other computers on the network.

When I changed the driver to virtio-win-0.1.102.iso ethernet driver I was able to see the NAS but it would give me a DNS error.


I spent 2 nights trying to get this to work. The registry and turning off SMBv2,3 didn't work. Also tried a bunch other things that didn't work.

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Yes I had it also.


To solve it currently I made a user on UnRaid with username and password. 


I cleared the remembered credentials on windows 10


I went back to the UnRaid share on the windows 10 device and put in the new username and password made earlier and clicked remember username and password


then it works and I should never see it again. 


Not probably the solution you are looking for however it works :)



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worked like a charm. Just to make this solution a little more idiot-proof (ie Me)

start> run> "regedit" <enter> no quotes, Yes make changes to your pc.

Navigate to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters

right click on the right, New > DWORD 32-bit (or something), call it "AllowInsecureGuestAuth"

double click on it, set it to "1", no quotes



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Just wanted to say thanks to the guys in here. I used the registry edit method and it worked great. I exported it to a .reg file and emailed it to the other users on my network so they too can see the server, for ease of use and for the fact that I don't and shouldn't have access to their M$ passwords and would never ask for them. Works a treat and is lots easier than trying to explain WHY they can't just see the server where they assume it should be and why I would need their M$ account login details to make it work. Now, all I have to say is, double-click this reg file and say yes when it asks, problem solved. ?

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Everytime there is a Windows 10 update, it breaks many things I need.  I need to go in and reconfigure all my network privileges, and find where they moved things in the registry "this time" and whatever else they changed in their NEW default security model...


  I think I am giving up on Windows 10 the next time.  It took me over 2 hours to make my Windows 10 system usable after the last forced update.  And that still happens sometimes, EVEN WITH THE REGISTRY KEYS CHANGED TO KILL UPDATES!!!!

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On 1/29/2019 at 10:05 PM, electron286 said:

It took me over 2 hours to make my Windows 10 system usable after the last forced update. 

What did you do to fix it?  With the registry tweak and an account similar to my Microsoft Account (without the @whatever), I still haven't gotten it to work since the last update.

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One of the things that Microsoft did was to disable older networking support, so I had to re-enable the service to allow connectivity with my older computers.  There are many things that they do with each major update, to be inline with the new "current" security model.  This includes setting networking option to higher security levels, and disabling older features no longer needed, (if you are in an all Windows 10 Networking environment).  Registry keys are changed, moved, and renamed to make it harder for remote scripting hacks to work.  There are good reasons, but they just do not work for me because I still network my older computers also.  I need to do things to allow my Windows 9x and newer computers to all just work together like they always have.  Of course then there are also the various game systems, and linux computers too...  Windows 10 is like the ever invading army trying to push new methods to force the old fully usable computers to be retired and replaced with newer ones.  I have decided with the latest aggressive onslaught, that any new upgrades or replacements definitely with NOT be Windows based as a result.


  So, with all the changes with each update, all I can say is you need to look into ONE symptom at a time that is impacting your use of Windows 10.  Do some searches on-line, making sure to try looking at more recent posts, as older ones for the same type of problem may no longer have solutions that will work for you.  You may need to do any number of registry key changes, advanced networking configuration changes, and also re-enable or even re-install a removed service to regain full functionality with other computers.


  Good luck.  I would help more if I could, but each time the changes are different, and take significant time to dig into Windows to find the cause, then the resolution is usually not to bad...  And where everyone uses their computers differently, it would not be unusual for you to need different "fixes" than I have needed.


  If you would like to post a little more about your specific issue(s) I could make an attempt to help you move in the right direction.


  Also, when looking at posts for solutions, you may want to actually look at the most recent first, and work backwards with all the changes Microsoft keeps making.  It may speed up your solution.

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