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  1. This docker keeps having issues on updates. The last couple updates, the docker hasn't restarted. No odd messages in the logs. Just notice things haven't been downloading and the the docker went down, updated but never restarted.
  2. What are our options for making adjustments to the speedtest? I'd like to play with duration and MTU settings in this docker.
  3. I found that switch is touchy with DACs. I bought transceivers and fiber and am now happily cruising at 10G. That's the link with the compatibility table.
  4. Got a couple Known good DACs from work. Gonna give those a try. Does anyone have any idea if we can use the Mellonox tools in unraid?
  5. Plug and play doesn't seem to be working. Says cable unplugged. Have tried both DACs, switch sees the DAC but the unraid box just keeps telling me cable unplugged.
  6. I'm having a problem getting this card up and running in my Unraid box. The card is detected, however I'm getting the "Interface Ethernet Port 1 is down. Check cable!" Anyone got some ideas? The card is plugged into a Aruba S2500 via a DAC (I've tried my other DAC as well)
  7. My IPv6 settings have the loopback as the gateway is the only difference.
  8. I've got IPv6 working on my unraid server. I can access shares and the UI via IPv6. However docker containers don't seem to know that IPv6 is a thing. It seems there is nowhere to set it up. So what am I missing?
  9. Every time I try to put an IPv6 address on this docker, I can't access the admin page. Yes, I have IP6 on Unraid
  10. Yes, that's exactly how I did... I did get my shares all back after a reboot though.
  11. I installed this today and all my shares have disappeared. The data and file structure is still there, however there are not listed, nor can I access them from other machines. Any advice?
  12. and 5... I get to be in control of the Encryption key. Crashplan claimed that you could generate your own using the custom key option, which I did.
  13. I have till November 7th, as I'm on the monthly subscription.
  14. Costs more... does less... The investors will be pleased. I'll be going somewhere else though.
  15. Switch to business and you get this: Back up for free until the end of your current CrashPlan for Home subscription, then enjoy a 75% discount for your next 12 months. After that, CrashPlan for Small Business costs $10 per device each month. You can migrate 5TB of storage. But PC to PC backups will be gone. That 5TB is per device limit with the business accounts.