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Server reshuffle

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My new server is up and running. I haven't done the skirt mod yet as temps are good. The case is very tight and therefore very poor cable management.


Case fan noisier than my fractal r5. Is there any point in changing the fans?



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Here are the before and after power consumption figures in watts for both servers.


Old server: Asus Gene V, Intel Pentium G2030, G Skill Ripjawx 8gb ram and Corsair TX650W


New server: in signature

                               Old New Difference

Power off              2.5      1.5                1

All spinning            85        58                27

Spun down            52        26                26

2 hdds spinning    66        36                30

Parity check          101      73                28

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Wow. Just re-read this topic.

So I went from a massive and heavy Norco 20 bay rack case to a Fractal R5 to a Silverstone DS380 and now I am using a Qnap 653A.

The Qnap is slightly less than half the size of the Silverstone and much more underpowered specs wise.

The hdds are nosier in the Qnap too but the cooling is better.

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